Our Strength

One of our partnered weaving factories is a perfect example of how we work together to jointly develop teamwork of quality production base. This factory is a very famous multi color-weaving factory in Jiangsu, nearby Shanghai. The factory is very specialized in some fine weave fabrics, e.g. the construction can be achieved to 160/2s x 160/2s, 210 x 130 for producing high quality shirts. Also, they can produce some functional fabric such as anti-microbial, un-cut, negative ion, Teflon or cool max.

With the support of these weaving factories and garment manufacturing factories, we can jointly develop a quality production base and surely can meet the international standard like Germany Oeko-Tex 100. It is no problem that our products can have the excellent color fastness and special treatment like Non-Ironing/Easy-Ironing that can be certified by an approved testing laboratory.

For the past few years, we have been producing more than one million pieces of Non-Ironing yarn dyed shirt, blouse uniform for European supermarkets.

Even so, it does not mean we could not take any testing order. In fact, we believe that we have flexibility of taking small batch of quantity. We can accept around 500 pieces of shirts or blouses per client's pattern. Lastly but not all, in addition to apparel business, yarn dyed piece goods are also welcome.